Gary Ng: 1+1=3 (Self-published, 2017)

Gary Ng is an independent photographer based in Hong Kong. He had an apprenticeship with Ben Lifson and Paola Ferrario. His works has been exhibited in Three Shadows Photography Arts Centre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Black Box Gallery, Kieran Gallery, Phroom Magazine & F-stop Magazine.

When I began photographing my family and my immediate surroundings in 2013, I was in a state of transition. Studies finished, meeting my wife, got married, having a baby boy, then it comes with responsibilities, duties and struggles. I strongly felt the need to examine the meaning in everyday life by taking snapshots, and that’s how “1+1=3” was born. A cigarette that bears a lipstick traces, a broken egg, an evening landscape, portrait of a pregnant wife, a new born baby, etc are not just the moments of life or a fragment of memories, they are the images questioning the existential issues of human kind.

Garry Ng

Garry Ng: 1+1=3 published in 2017; the book is 148mm x 210mm, 52 pages, machine sewn binding, digitally printed on Takeo MTA+-FS in a limited edition of 50.