Vivian Keulards: To Hans (Schilt Publishing, 2020)

Vivian Keulards is a Dutch conceptual portrait photographer. She graduated in 2009 from the Fotoacademie Amsterdam.

Vivian’s portrait series are often created over a longer period of time. Children, adolescents and vulnerable groups are recurring subjects in her photography. Her work is shown on different platforms like photo festivals, galleries, newspapers and magazines. Her portraits have been published, exhibited and rewarded internationally and are part of public and private collections.


Exhibition: Dutch Full House at Schilt Publishing & Gallery, Amsterdam presents works from Geert Broertjes, Lotte Bronsgeest, Vivian Keulards and Carla Kogelman (23 February – 8 March 2020).

Addiction is still a big taboo. With this photo book and project, Vivian Keulards breaks her silence around the addiction and death of her brother Hans. Years after his death, she went in search for answers. Why did he get addicted and she didn’t, how did he feel and could she have done anything? Her brother Hans was only 38 years old when he died in a hotel room in Berlin. His sudden cardiac arrest was caused by drugs. His death is a fact, the way he died a taboo.

The book reflects her feelings, thoughts and memories during her quest.

Publisher’s Info

To Hans by Vivian Keulards is published by Schilt Publishing, available in stores and online for €40. You find it here.

The book comes with an essay by writer Ralf Mohren, known from his novel Tonic.