Kacper Kowalski: OVER (Self-published, 2017)

Kacper Kowalski – architect by education, for the past over 20 years has specialized in aerial photograpy and been a paraglider. The leitmotiv of his work is the observation – often impossible from the ground level – of nature and the changes it undergoes at the hand of man.

I am no longer interested in people and their customs. When you have been watching them for 20 years from an aerial perspective they become predictable, though still amazing. I have already shown all there is to show and had the feeling I was starting to repeat myself, plus, aerial photography itself has ceased to be unique, now that drones can be sent up into the air. Except that pictures from a drone are still conceived from the ground, with the photographer watching the world as if on TV, on a screen. And I wanted to be airborne.

Kacper Kowalski

OVER – photography book; photographs and text: Kacper Kowalski; project: Anna Nalecka – Milach / Tapir Book Design; size: 235x310mm; 98 pages with 48 photographes; cover: paperback; edition: 800 copies; first published Gdynia 2017.

Artist: https://www.kacperkowalski.pl/en