Sol Negro. Mujeres en la fotografía. Colección Anna Gamazo de Abelló (Editorial RM, 2019)

In Sol Negro 12 Latin American female photographers reflect on personal and collective tragedies.

Photographers: Adriana Lestido, Luz María Bedoya, Johanna Calle, Helen Zout, Claudia Donoso, Rosa Gauditano, Leonora Vicuña, Carla Rippey, Carolina Cárdenas, Milagros de la Torre, Paz Errázuriz and Rosario López.

Related Exhibition: Sol Negro – Mujeres en la fotografía, Centro de la Imagen, México, October 23th 2019 – February 23th 2020, curated by Alexis Fabry & Maria Wills.

“Prostitutas”, 1976. Image from Rosa Gaditano
Mother and daughter in Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires, 1982. Image by Adriana Lestido

The twelve artists presented in this exhibition propose visual essays that make it possible to create a narrative of the dark side of life, the side of life that faces personal and collective tragedies: loneliness, discrimination, violence, struggle. Far from proposing a judgmental, victimizing gaze, it seeks to reveal the poetic force of that dark well. Passion, melancholia, and deep feeling are latent in the works of these twelve women.
Our gaze is fixed, staring down the barrel of a gun pointed by a masked torturer (copied from a negative found in the archives of the Argentinian police); observing the arms of a woman inmate, embracing her child; examining in circles of light the evidence of crimes, the makeshift weapons fabricated by prisoners, the gown of a woman thrown from the window of a hotel.

María Wills Londoño & Alexis Fabry (Curators)

Carolina Cárdenas, 1935. Image by Carolina Cárdenas and Sergio Trujillo
Publisher: Editorial RM

Sol Negro. Mujeres en la fotografía. Colección Anna Gamazo de Abelló is published by Editorial RM, available in stores and online for £35.00. You find it here.

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