Carlo Rusca (* 1989 in Turin) is a Swiss/Italian photographer and filmmaker. Since 2015, he’s also teaching audiovisual sciences at CSIA in Lugano. Rusca is based in Lugano (CH) and sometimes in Düsseldorf (D).

His recent work Turistica has been selected for several national and international exhibition, among others, the Aperture summer open 2019: Delirious Cities, at Aperture Foundation, New York.

Turistica is a long-term project (2016-2019) realized in medium format analog photography shot in some neighborhoods of Locarno in the southern part of Switzerland.


The German noun Heimat has no exact equivalent in English. It is an oblique reference to the place where you were born, where you feel at home. It is a sort of emotional place where you belong, rather than any geographical space.

Carlo Rusca’s work may be an example of Heimat. Just may. Because he calls it Turistica. Which is something else, something with other implications. Yet his refined black and white photographs, the details of a life that reflects on itself, point in a direction that speaks of the need to investigate one’s roots and the desire to recognize.

Giovanna Calvenzi

Publisher: Witty Books

Turistica by Carlo Rusca is published by Witty Books, available in stores and online for €30. You find it here.

Witty Books was founded in 2012 with the name of Witty Kiwi, it’s an independent publishing house that aims to promote contemporary photography and visual art. It focuses on a personal photography with particular attention to poetry and metaphysics aspects.


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