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Namsa Leuba: Crossed Looks

Namsa Leuba - Crossed Looks - Bildersturm Blog
'Crossed Looks' is the first artist monograph featuring the work of Swiss-Guinean artist Namsa Leuba.

Phillip Prodger: Das Porträt in der Fotografie. 150 Jahre Fotogeschichte in 250 Porträts

Phillip-Prodger - Das-Porträt-in-der-Fotografie - Bildersturm Blog
An accessible introduction to the history and themes of photographic portraiture.

Sunil Gupta: London 1982

Sunil Gupta - London 1982 - Bildersturm Blog
This series provides a catalogue of the Sloanes, New Romantic and pensioners who once roamed London's streets.

Agata Kalinowska: Yaga

Agata Kalinowska - Yaga - Bildersturm Blog
Yaga is a photobook about the idea of emancipation of socially excluded women that the system finds inconvenient.

Ara Oshagan: displaced

Ara Oshagan - displaced - Bildersturm Blog
Photographer Ara Oshagan and author Krikor Beledian grew up in Beirut's Armenian communities formed by refugees and survivors of genocide.

Photobook & Photography Resources

We have just reworked our list of free photobook & photography resources on the internet.
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