Am I a defaulter? How to know if I am on the ASNEF list?

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Aria Cooper

The lists of delinquent debtors (ASNEF, RAI, CCI, ...) are records that collect the data of those individuals and legal entities that accumulate invoices, debts or credits i mpayados This is important to know, both the name of a person and the fiscal identity of a company can be included.

Being included in a file of defaulters can be a big nightmare for the economy of your home, because it means the direct rejection of banks or other entities to a credit request. It is even a danger if, for example, you want to hire a company of basic services such as electricity, gas, water or telephone and fiber optics.

How do I know if I am on a list of defaulters such as ASNEF?

You can find out if you are on the ASNEF list by filling out a form on their official website, by calling their offices and through Equifax. At the moment, it is not possible to consult the debt collection file with a digital certificate.

1. Ask your bank

This is the fastest way, although they will not be able to give you details about the debt. In addition, they may not be very willing to provide you with these details. Use this case only if you have confidence in your bank.

You should also know that all entities and companies that want to include your name on a delinquent list must notify you within 30 days.

Contact ASNEF

You can find out if you are in their files by filling out the Agile Inquiry Form on their website or by calling 917 814 400. The response to the form usually takes an average of 10 business days.

According to the Organic Law 15/1999, everyone has the right to oppose, access, cancel or rectify the data relating to your person including in the data base. That itself, you will agree to accredit the identity by means of the DNI.

3. Check the list through Equifax

Another way is to contact Equifax Ibérica S.L. (the company in charge of the files) by mail at box 10.546, 28080 Madrid or by e-mail to [email protected] .

In this case you must send your full name, DNI, NIF or CIF, current address to receive the answer, date of sending and signature. The entity will send you a letter with a reference number within a maximum period of one month after receiving the request.

As soon as you receive a letter with a reference number, check your data in the following link by entering the reference number of the letter and your DNI/NIF/CIF.

4. Ask at the ASNEF offices

It is also possible to go directly to the ASNEF offices in Madrid, at 16, Albasanz Street.

After consulting your data and corroborating whether or not you have an outstanding debt, you should follow the right path. On the one hand, if you are on the list, do your best to cancel the claimed debt, especially if you want to have access to a credit or loan from the bank.

After canceling the debt, send the receipt to the companies with which you had contracted your debt so that they can notify the ASNEF files and remove your name from their delinquent lists.

Remember that, according to article 41.1 of Royal Decree 1720/2007 If you comply with the payment of a debt, any information related to the debt is immediately cancelled.

Undue inclusion in ASNEF

If you are on the ASNEF list by mistake, that is, if your name has been included inappropriately, claim and denounce!

Before including a person or entity in a debtors' register, you should check that all the required conditions are met. If you have been included in the ASNEF list inappropriately, you have the right to claim compensation for damages and losses that may have caused you to be included.

The complaint can be initiated against the entity responsible for the files or against the company requesting it. It can even be addressed to both parties. In the first case, you must prove that no debt exists or existed and, in the second case, you can allege that the entity responsible for the file did not remove your data after learning of the situation or after learning that the debt was paid.

The most correct allegation should focus on the breach of the duty to verify the correctness and accuracy of the data registered by the entity responsible for the list of defaulters.

More information about ASNEF

What is ASNEF?

ASNEF is the acronym of the Asociación Nacional de Establecimientos Financieros de Crédito (National Association of Credit Financial Establishments). collects the data of the persons who accumulate a certain number of unpaid invoices with information provided by the companies and financial entities that comprise it.

What are the consequences of being on a delinquent list?

The consequences of being placed on one of these lists are limited to the quasi-judgmental inability to achieve credit of any kind: personal loans, mortgages,... and even the contracting of services such as telephony, electricity, gas...

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