What is your body shape and how to style your figure?

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Aria Cooper

Knowing your body is the first step in learning how to get the most out of yourself. Can you tell what body shape you have? Stand in front of a mirror and analyze your figure. Depending on whether it is rectangular, round, triangular or curvy, you can choose the right shape for you. clothes that suit you The objective? to provide the shapes and balance the areas of your body.

Here are the body shapes - find out which one is yours!

What shape is your body?

Rectangular body

The rectangular shape is characterized by being a straight figure provided but without a prominent waist, with similar measurements at shoulders, waist and hips.


The objective is to define the waist, for this purpose we will give volume to shoulders and hips Opt for fitted garments and avoid rigid cuts. Low rise pants to highlight hips, diagonal lines to emphasize curves, V-necklines to stylize neckline and highlight waist.

Inverted triangle body

The inverted triangle shape is characterized by the following characteristics broader shoulders The chest and shoulders stand out against a narrower waist, hips and legs.


Balancing the hips You can give volume to the lower part with light colors, prints and ruffles. Reserve dark colors and without volumes for the upper part, buttons and details should go from the chest down. Avoid tops and strapless tops that highlight the shoulders and thick fabrics or shorts with skinny pants.

Hourglass body

The hourglass shape has the most proportionate measurements being shoulders and hips of similar size with a prominent waist and slender legs.


Emphasize your proportionate curves without adding extra volume with tailored clothing (Avoid coats and oversize garments, blouses and skirts with volumes so as not to break your symmetry. If you have a small chest, avoid dark top garments that are too tight or with a swan neck or turn-down collar.

Round or apple-shaped body

The round or apple-shaped body has a rounded or apple-shaped body with round shoulders The fat accumulates in the abdomen, which may stand out more than the chest and buttocks, and the torso, back and waist are wide with a tendency to narrow hips and slimmer arms and legs.


The objective is to divert attention away from the center of the body Avoid tight blouses and dresses, wide belts, volumes and details on the abdomen. You can highlight the upper part by highlighting the chest with empire cut dresses below the chest. You can also divert attention to the lower part by showing legs.

Triangular or pear-shaped body

The triangle or pear-shaped body is characterized by the following characteristics wider hips Tendency to accumulate fat in the hips and upper thighs, with pronounced buttocks and a more pronounced waist.


To create a proportionate figure, the objective is to divert attention from the bottom To give volume to the upper part with colorful garments, with prints, details... Choose tops of the right length, neither short nor long, it should be below the hip bone. Wide kimono style sleeves will help to give volume to the arms.

Blouses with details on the neckline, shoulder pads, round or boat necklines will help you to visually widen the shoulders and sweetheart necklines to highlight the chest. Go for oversize or layered garments on top of each other, using a narrow belt to highlight the waist.

Rhombus or diamond body

The rhombus or diamond body is the opposite of the hourglass, like the apple shape it has a wide waist with narrow shoulders and hips, but with a short neck, and slender legs. The tendency is to accumulate belly fat but also on the chest and arms.


Your objective is to to disguise the abdomen Stylize your arms and neck with French sleeves, three-quarter length, and your neck with V-necklines (avoid long necks).

Blazers with light shoulder pads and strapless necklines will broaden your shoulders and for the lower part, long straight pants with a flared bottom will help you to compensate for the narrowness of your calves (avoid fishermen). Do not wear tight-fitting clothes, avoid thick knitted tops.

Now that you know about the different body shapes out there, it's time to take note of the advice that fits your body's needs and make the most of it. Very practical, right?

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