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Andrea Diefenbach: Realitatea

Andrea Diefenbach - Realitatea - Bildersturm Blog
Andrea Diefenbach’s images from the rural regions of the Republic of Moldova are a journey through time to a place that has been in an identity crisis since its independence 30 years ago.

Thomas Boivin: Belleville

Thomas Bovin - Belleville - Bildersturm Blog
Since 2010 Thomas Boivin has been making contemplative black and white photographs of his Parisian neighbourhood and the people who live there.

3x3x3: Avenue of Mysteries

3x3x3: Avenue of Mysteries
(1) Laura Larson: City of Incurable Women (2) Teo Becher: Charbon Blanc (3) Antigone Kourakou: Transfiguration

Richard Misrach: Notations

Richard Misrach - Notations - Bildersturm Blog
Richard Misrach is one of the most influential photographers of his generation. In the 1970s, he helped pioneer the renaissance of color photography and large-scale presentation that are in widespread practice today.

Ewan Telford: The Ecology of Dreams

Ewan Telford - The Ecology of Dreams - Bildersturm Blog
A photo-text book, The Ecology of Dreams is a compendium of Los Angeles' psychological landscape.
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