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Ken Graves and Eva Lipman: Restraint and Desire

Ken Graves and Eva Lipman - Restraint and Desire - Bildersturm Blog
Restraint and Desire is the culmination of a lifelong creative partnership between husband and wife Ken Graves and Eva Lipman.

Manuela Lorente: Él pone la música, nosotros bailamos

Manuela Lorente - Él pone la música, nosotros bailamos - Bildersturm Blog
This is the story of a heist carried out by a family of smalltime criminals and their circle of endearing crooks.

Ulrich Wüst: Cityscapes 1979–1985

Ulrich Wüst-Stadtbilder 1979–1985-Bildersturm Blog
“Citiscapes”, photographed by Wüst from 1979 to 1985, is considered as his most important body of work from that period.

Alice Mann: Drummies

Alice Mann - Drummies - Bildersturm Blog
This long-term project, by South African photographer Alice Mann, explores the unique sport of drum majorettes.

Oliver Stegmann: Circus Noir

Oliver Stegmann - Circus Noir - Bildersturm Blog
Over 15 years Oliver Stegmann visited different circuses to take photos of what happens behind the curtains.

Photobook & Photography Resources

We have just reworked our list of free photobook & photography resources on the internet.
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