Angela Sequeira: Counterweight, traffic light and palm tree (Edições Biombo, 2018)

Angela Sequeira (b.1984) based in Oporto, Portugal has been working as a designer for the past 10 years. Having studied Fine Arts, she reflects on visual subjectivity to create concepts pursuing distinct ways of communication that could approach and deepen human relations.

Counterweight, traffic light and palm tree is the result of a conceptual approach to the environment that surrounds us as an extension of the inner issues of existence.

In these photographic exercises, moving the poetics of the visual instinct through rural or urban environments, it is proposed to remove the barriers between the self and its surroundings and institute the possibility of reflecting the exterior as a continuation of the interior dialogue.


The Counterweight emerges as the constant balance between moral, aesthetic, and ideological preconceptions. The Traffic light with intermittent locks and unlocks. The Palm tree as nature rooted in the drive and desire so often associated with the common concept of idyllic space.

Angela Sequeira

24 numbered and signed copies | 5.8 x 8.2 in | softcover – 76 sewn pages | 60 photographs – black and white | Portuguese and English | Publication date: November 2018.