Sofía Moro is a freelance photographer based in Madrid, Spain. Since 1996, she has worked with the Spanish daily El País, where she has published several articles about the death penalty in collaboration with the Spanish journalist Álvaro Corcuera.

In 2016 she received a Leonardo grant from the BBVA foundation to finish her work about the death penalty in five different countries: USA, Japan, Belarus, Malawi and Iran.

The result of that is the book Quién merece morir? (Who deserves to die?) published in 2018.








This work shows the absolute impossibility of the death penalty administering justice. Each of the lives pictured in this book has played its part in convincing me that it matters not a jot how terrible a crime may have been, the death penalty will not provide justice but only revenge.

This book takes a tour of five countries that retain the death penalty in its Criminal Code: The United States, Japan, Belarus, Malawi and Iran and shows how regardless of the degree of development, the majority religion or political color in power, capital punishment is racist, classist, opportunistic, ends the life of innocents and is used by the States as a powerful tool of governmental control and repression in the form of apparently legal extreme violence. But, above all, it is unspeakably inhumane and cruel. And absolutely incompatible with the defence of human rights.

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Size: 280 x 210 mm | Hardcover | Print: Offset | 248 pages | Design: David de la Torre | Text Author: Sofía Moro.






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