Category: Street Photography

Harald Hauswald: Voll das Leben

As a co-founder of the photographers’ agency OSTKREUZ, Hauswald is one of the most important figures in German photography.

David Godlis: Godlis Miami

In January 1974, David Godlis, then a 22-year-old photo student, took a ten-day trip to Miami Beach, Florida.

Life is not always Black and White.

(1) Tereza Zelenkova: The Essential Solitude (2) Laura Bielau – Arbeit (3) Clara Prioux – Do You Ever Feel Like Nobody Really Cares.

Bertien van Manen: Archive

Since the 1970s, Bertien van Manen has created intimate and poignant photographs of commonplace scenes.

Mikko Kerttula: Transcendence

In his debut book Mikko Kerttula observes the everyday events at a bus terminal of a small Swedish city of Sundsvall.

Michael Lesy: Snapshots 1971–77

In the summer of 1971, Michael Lesy found most of the snapshots in Snapshots 1971–77 in a dumpster behind a gigantic photo-processing plant in San Francisco.

Ruth Orkin: A Photo Spirit

This illustrated book celebrates Ruth Orkin’s life and work with an extensive overview of this exceptional artist’s oeuvre.