Category: Portrait Photography

Tamara Reynolds: The Drake

For four years Tamara Reynolds immersed herself in the lives of the people existing just above survival on one square block in the shadows of the Drake Motel in Nashville, Tennessee.

Mimi Plumb: The Golden City

Mimi Plumb’s third book focuses on her many years living in San Francisco. The pictures in The Golden City were made between 1984 and 2020.

Anita Pouchard Serra: Espera(nza)

The photozine contains portraits and testimonies of women who attended the vigils for the vote on the law legalizing abortion in Argentina in December 2020, from the first minute to the final vote.

Namsa Leuba: Crossed Looks

‘Crossed Looks’ is the first artist monograph featuring the work of Swiss-Guinean artist Namsa Leuba.

Agata Kalinowska: Yaga

Yaga is a photobook about the idea of emancipation of socially excluded women that the system finds inconvenient.

Shawn Bush: Between Gods and Animals

This project surveys the American straight white male’s endless pursuit to sustain power and the institutions that enforce their supremacy.