TJ Norris: Shooting Blanks (2018)

Shooting Blanks is the first monograph of photographic work by photographer and multidisciplinary artist TJ Norris.

These broken signs, these open air industrial appliances, have been in and out of order for decades. This is a series that began four years before I even fully realized it was a ‘body of work’ per se, in 2004 or thereabouts. I’ve included a few images that preceded the series in this book (wav.2, early signs, LA Signs) to offer a bit of a chronology. While living in the Pacific Northwest I was romanced by the last vestiges of industrial America.

Photographing old warehouses, trainyards and depots, and various back alleys took me to desolate spaces that started to become encroached upon by gentrification and commercial development. I saw this as my last chance to capture an unhindered vantage point, except for that altered by Mother Nature’s gentle wrath. It was around this time that I started looking at industrial signage as part of the urban landscape, and how it both caused a visual interruption as well as how they dangled as shapes in space.

TJ Norris in the book

Essays by TJ Norris, Colin Edgington and Dennis Jelonnek | 104 pages | softcover | color and black and white images throughout.