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Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense
Stories: (1) Emily Graham: The Blindest Man (Void, 2021) (2) Viktoria Binschtok: Connection (Hatje Cantz, 2022) (3) Philipp Mueller: 120 bpm (Edition Patrick Frey, 2021).

Roger Grasas: Ha Aretz

Roger Grasas - Ha Aretz - Bildersturm Blog
Named after the Hebrew term referring to the Holy Land, Ha Aretz is a reinterpretation of the biblical stories amidst a globalized world of alien­ation and conflict.

DEUTSCHLAND UM 1980: Fotografien aus einem fernen Land

Deutschland um 1980. Fotografien aus einem fernen Land - Bildersturm Blog
The period around 1980 was a phase of profound upheaval. A global arms race, rampant environmental destruction and rising unemployment fueled a general mood of doom, but also provided a boost to creativity.

Chris Killip: In Flagrante Two

Chris Killip - In Flagrante Two - Bildersturm Blog
The photographs that Chris Killip made in Northern England between 1973 and 1985 were first published by Secker & Warbur in 1988.
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