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Lorenzo Castore: Glitter Blues

Lorenzo Castore - Glitter Blues - Bildersturm Blog
Glitter Blues describes the world of Sicilian transvestites living and working in Catania’s neighbourhood San Berillo, that has always been the red-light district.

Moe Suzuki: Sokohi

Moe Suzuki - Sokohi - Bildersturm Blog
As her father gradually loses his sight due to glaucoma, artist Moe Suzuki begins to document the daily life they share together.

Simon Vansteenwinckel: Wuhan Radiography

Simon Vansteenwinckel - Wuhan Radiography - Bildersturm Blog
Wuhan Radiography is a surprising series of black and white analog images taken by Belgian photographer Simon Vansteenwinckel.

Robin Graubard: Road to Nowhere

Robin Graubard - Road to Nowhere - Bildersturm Blog
Graubard’s intimate and striking colour approach to photography found a voice of its own when she packed up and embedded herself within Eastern Europe during the early nineties.

Hansgert Lambers: Verweilter Augenblick

Hansgert Lambers - Verteilter Augenblick - Bildersturm Blog
This retrospective of the life's work of the great photo enthusiast and publisher Hansgert Lambers shows images from seven decades that the artist took in Barcelona, Berlin, London, Ostrava, Paris and Prague.
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