How to sterilize glass jars for preserves

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Aria Cooper

Is there anything better than knowing exactly what you are eating and in what condition? Making your own preserves at home gives you that pleasure and much more, as you can make leftover fruit and vegetables last longer.

It is also a very green solution For example, did you know that a citizen wastes an average of 180 kilos of food per year? These are figures to think about and why not, to prepare a delicious homemade jam or the classic homemade fried tomato.

However, to ensure that any canned food lasts for a long time without spoiling, it is useful to know how to sterilize glass jars or bottles .

Very important preliminary steps

Before explaining the process of canning jar sterilization, it is important to know which jar to choose for the occasion. One of the best options is to reuse or buy a canning jar. wide mouth glass jars although ceramic containers can also be used.

You should also take into account the capacity the jars or jars must be filled to the top of the jar, and cannot be preserved if they are half-finished .

1. Remove label from glass jars

Removing the label from a jar of sauce that you want to reuse is the first step to start with this task. The best method is to submerge the jars in a container of hot water. The temperature of the water will make the label come off easily and leave few traces of the glue.

If you see any residue, soak a cotton swab with ethyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol and clean the glue residues.

2. Clean the jars with soap and water.

When you have completed this task, it is time to clean the jar thoroughly, including the lid - very important!

To do this, you can use a sponge or scouring pad soaked in soap. If the size of the jar prevents you from scrubbing the inside, use a bottle cleaning brush. Be sure to remove any food or dirt that it contains, and don't forget that the lid of the jar should be cleaned in the same way.

The next step after removing the label and cleaning the glass jar is sterilization. Let's see how to do it.

How to sterilize canning jars

To sterilize glass frescoes, just follow these 5 steps:

1. Separate lids of the jars and rinses all the parts (cleaning of the jars).

2. In a casserole or pot place a clean, folded cloth covering the entire base of the pan. This will help prevent the jars from hitting the bottom of the pot and direct heat from reaching them.

3. Place the lids and jars in the pan with water to cover the entire jar, then add a good splash of white vinegar.

4. Let the water boil for 20 to 30 minutes .

5. Once the lids and jars have been boiled, carefully remove them and place them upside down on a clean cotton cloth or rag and let them dry.

The hot water and vinegar will kill any bacteria they may contain, leaving them completely sterilized and ready for use.

Also it is advisable to sterilize all tools that we are going to use in the process such as spoons, forks, knives, our own hands... to ensure the optimal preservation of the food.

How to make preserves at home?

After the sterilization process, your jars will be ready to receive the preserves. At this point it is important that you keep in mind three important points:

1. Canned food packaging

In this step, as we have already indicated before, it is very important that you fill the jar completely. There must not be any air space between the lid and the jar. The bacteria proliferate in the air, which is why cooked food does not last long in the refrigerator.

If the food you want to preserve is still hot (tomato sauce, fried tomato, berry jam or similar), fill the jars to the top, close the lid tightly and place them upside down to cool. This technique allows vacuum packaging and the food in question to last for 6 months. Amazing, isn't it!

To close the cap and tighten it on the bottle Now, after performing this action, a second sterilization must be done.

2. Second sterilization of bottles

The second sterilization of the jars takes place when we have already sterilized the jars. prepared the canning So, you have to place a pot with a cloth inside, place the canning jars and cover them halfway with water.

Bring to a boil for 25 minutes s If they are small or medium jars, leave them on the stove if they are large jars. for 45 minutes .

When the time has elapsed, turn off the heat and let the jars cool inside the pot to avoid sudden temperature changes.

Food preservation

Once the jars are cool, remove them carefully, dry them and store them in a dry, clean and dark place in the pantry A properly sterilized jar will keep food in good condition and extend the best-before or best-before date.

Last but not least, place a label with the date of preparation and the name of the contents of the jar.

How to sterilize glass jars in the microwave oven

For your homemade preserves, it is also possible to sterilize canning jars in the microwave. How? Clean the jars thoroughly inside and out, fill them halfway with water and put them in the microwave at full power for 3 to 4 minutes. The water should boil inside the jar.

IMPORTANT Make sure the glass jars have water in them, otherwise they will explode.

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