Gerbera: characteristics and care

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Aria Cooper

The gerbera, the plant of the month of July is a floral inspiration that will fill our home with positive energy, joy and enthusiasm.

The gerbera enjoys bright, cheerful and very varied colors: yellow, red, orange, pink, purple, white, and mixtures of these, the range is enormous.

It is a resplendent plant that stands out easily, but at the same time, it is simple and not at all arrogant, but rather it is honest and in harmony with the rest of the flowers.

It is worth mentioning its hairy stem and its soft and strong petals, which invite to be caressed automatically.

How long does the gerbera flower last?

With cheerful flowers

The gerbera is native to Asia, South America and Tasmania, and was discovered in the 18th century.

Since then, numerous varieties have emerged and have been cultivated, all of them very beautiful and varied, with large and small flowers, and above all with a wide chromatic variety.

Attractive colors

The gerbera is a plant with very attractive colors, which is what makes it very decorative in any home.

Placing it in a pot that matches the color of its petals will be enough to give the interior of the house a fresh and simple touch, but at the same time enormously effective.

Locate it in a place with natural light. The plant can be placed next to a window, as all flowering plants need to feel the sun's rays, although it is best to avoid the intense sun during rush hour. This dose of sun will make the gerbera enjoy larger flowers, more vivid colors and a greater number of buds.

Watering should be done on a regular basis (without puddling), in addition to nourishing it from time to time with a vegetable substrate.

With this basic care you can enjoy a cheerful colorful bloom, all the energy it gives off, and a healthy portion of enthusiasm.

Source: Flowers Office

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