Yurie Nagashima: Self-Portraits (Dashwood Books, 2020)

Yurie Nagashima - Self-Portraits - Favorites 2020

Yurie Nagashima was born in Tokyo in 1973, and currently lives and works in Tokyo. After her sensational artist debut by her family nude portraits which was awarded PARCO Prize in 1993, she received her MFA from California Institute of the Arts in 1999.

She has published seven photography artwork books and an essay book which was awarded Kodansha Essay Award. In 2015, Nagashima received Master’s degree in Sociology at Musashi University, continues to develop her artistic language in relation with feminism and the society.

Artist: https://yurienagashima.com/

Publisher: https://www.dashwoodbooks.com/pages/books/15040/yurie-nagashima/self-portraits

Favorite Photobooks of 2020 (2)

Self-Portraits by Yurie Nagashima charts the evolution of this major female artist over a period of 24 years from 1992-2016. The opening photograph taken on a backpacking trip is closely followed by her early, much publicized, self-portrait nudes; scenes amongst her peers in Tokyo in the mid-90s through her studies abroad at CalArts in Los Angeles. Returning to Tokyo in 1999 she continued to take self-portraits through her pregnancy, the birth of her son and on during the proceeding years of maturing and motherhood.

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Favorite Photobooks of 2020 (1)

Book Size: 184 × 120 mm; Pages: 174 pages; Binding: Softcover; Publication Year: 2020; Language: English, Japanese.

Carlo Rusca: Turistica (Witty Books, 2020)

Carlo Rusca (* 1989 in Turin) is a Swiss/Italian photographer and filmmaker. Since 2015, he’s also teaching audiovisual sciences at CSIA in Lugano. Rusca is based in Lugano (CH) and sometimes in Düsseldorf (D).

Turistica is a long-term project (2016-2019) realized in medium format analog photography shot in some neighborhoods of Locarno in the southern part of Switzerland.


Publisher: https://witty-books.com/Turistica-Carlo-Rusca

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48  Pages; 17 x 24 cm; Hard cover; 500 copies – 350 copies in standard edition – 150 copies in special edition with print; Text by Giovanna Calvenzi; Design by Federico Barbon.

Weegee: Weegee‘s Naked City (Damiani; ICP, 2020 Reprint)

In Naked City, his first publication, Weegee’s eye for surprising juxtapositions and the details of city life is in full force in the images chosen and their inventive, playful sequencing, all narrated in the photographer’s own distinctive voice.

Weegee, born Usher Fellig (1899–1968), started working in 1935 as a freelance news photographer specializing in nighttime scenes. He lived opposite police headquarters, installed a police radio in his car and had a knack for being the first on the scene (supposedly earning his nickname for this nearly psychic tendency). In addition to selling photos to local and national publications, Weegee published them in several books, including Naked City (1945), Weegee’s People (1946) and Naked Hollywood (1953).

Artist: https://www.icp.org/browse/archive/constituents/weegee?all/all/all/all/0

Publisher: https://www.damianieditore.com/en-US/product/763


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The best known, Weegee’s New York (1948), presents a surprisingly lyrical view of the city without a hint of crime or murder. Already this film gives evidence, here very restrained, of Weegee’s interest in technical tricks: blur, speeded up or slowed-down film, a lens that makes the city’s streets curve as if cars are driving over a rainbow. – The New York Times

Favorite Photobooks of 2020 (1)

Hardcover; English; 292 pages; Pub Date: April 2020; Dimensions: 6.8 x 9.5 x 1.2 inches (W x L x D).

Melanie Friend: The Plain (Dewi Lewis Publishing, 2020)

From the mid-1980s Melanie Friend worked as a freelance photojournalist, producing photographs for magazines, newspapers, the anti-nuclear movement and other campaigns. She became a member of Format Photographers in 1986, and of Panos Pictures in 1991. In the early 1990s she combined her photography with print journalism (freelance articles for The Guardian and The Times Educational Supplement among others).

The Plain continues Friend’s investigation of everyday militarisation, revealing how war is embedded in this most English of landscapes.

Artist: https://melaniefriend.com/

Publisher: https://www.dewilewis.com/products/the-plain

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