Category: Street Photography

Jens Olof Lasthein: Far – Near

Far – Near is a visual journey to the far geographical corners of Europe and to its very center. The four corners are Iceland to the north west, the northern Ural mountains to the north east, the Caucasus to the south east and Portugal to the south west.

Wolfgang Bellwinkel: Vast Land

Between the year 849 and the present, Myanmar has had an astounding 22 capitals, while the seat of government has changed 39 times. Vast Land by Wolfgang Bellwinkel is a photographic study of the country‘s last three capitals: Mandalay (1857–1885), Yangon (1885–2005) and Naypyitaw (since 2005).

Juan Vicente Aliaga (Author): Ilse Bing

German photographer Ilse Bing (1899-1998) has secured her place as one of the major photographers of the 20th century. Her pioneering images during the inter-war era reveal a modern vision influenced by the impact of both the Bauhaus and Surrealism.

Robin Graubard: Road to Nowhere

Graubard’s intimate and striking colour approach to photography found a voice of its own when she packed up and embedded herself within Eastern Europe during the early nineties.

Hansgert Lambers: Verweilter Augenblick

This retrospective of the life’s work of the great photo enthusiast and publisher Hansgert Lambers shows images from seven decades that the artist took in Barcelona, Berlin, London, Ostrava, Paris and Prague.