Category: Black and White Photography

Ben Brody: 300m

Ben Brody’s latest photobook 300m is a panoramic journey through the height of the American war in Afghanistan, framed in the context of the fall of Kabul and the ties that remain with friends and colleagues who currently live under Taliban rule.

3x3x3: September 2022

(1) Dani Pujalte: Prai$e the Lord (Witty Books, 2022) (2) Cate Dingley: Ezy Ryders (The Artist Edition, 2022) (3) Mitch Epstein: Silver + Chrome (Steidl, 2022)

Juan Vicente Aliaga (Author): Ilse Bing

German photographer Ilse Bing (1899-1998) has secured her place as one of the major photographers of the 20th century. Her pioneering images during the inter-war era reveal a modern vision influenced by the impact of both the Bauhaus and Surrealism.

Larry Towell: The Mennonites

Larry Towell photographed the Old Colony Mennonites in rural Ontario and Mexico between 1990 and 1999. The resulting black and white photographs formed Towell’s landmark book, The Mennonites, first published in 2000.

Robin Graubard: Road to Nowhere

Graubard’s intimate and striking colour approach to photography found a voice of its own when she packed up and embedded herself within Eastern Europe during the early nineties.