Pumpkin recipes

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Aria Cooper
Pumpkin recipes and dishes whose main ingredient is pumpkin in its different varieties. Pumpkin can be used to make countless recipes: creams, sauces, desserts...
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Pumpkin burgers by Karlos Arguiñano

Karlos Arguiñano We present a vegetable hamburger ideal for vegetarians and vegans: Pumpkin burgers, a nutritious recipe that is a great choice for vegetarians and vegans...See more

Borage with pumpkin puree by Karlos Arguiñano

Karlos Arguiñano We share a healthy seasonal recipe, in which we will use ingredients that are at their best moment: Borage with mashed potatoes and...See more

Pumpkin buns by Joseba Arguiñano

Joseba Arguiñano We prepare delicious and original pumpkin buns with Joseba Arguiñano: we will obtain a spectacular result that will attract the attention of the...See more

Picadillo de calabaza by Karlos Arguiñano

Karlos Arguiñano We prepare an exquisite stew consumed mainly in Almería (and other southern areas): Picadillo de calabaza, a simple, quick, easy and delicious recipe...See more

Pumpkin, picadillo and tapioca soup: a seasonal dish by Karlos Arguiñano

Karlos Arguiñano We present a classic autumn recipe: Pumpkin soup, minced meat and tapioca, a comforting first course to enjoy at lunchtime or at the end of the day...See more

How to freeze pumpkin: tips to preserve it correctly

Lídia Montaner Serer How is it better to freeze pumpkin? It is very common to ask this question in the middle of the vegetable season, because autumn brings us many...See more

How to use pumpkin seeds (ideas and recipes)

Lídia Montaner Serer Don't throw away pumpkin seeds! Take advantage of them to prepare other dishes as they will provide you with energy, nutrients and multiple benefits. Don't...Read more

Oven-roasted pumpkin: an easy and delicious recipe from Karlos Arguiñano

Karlos Arguiñano In Cocina Abierta we show you how to make oven-roasted pumpkin with Karlos Arguiñano: a simple way to cook pumpkin at home! a...Read more

Chícharos (or dried peas) with codillo by Karlos Arguiñano, a delicious Cuban stew!

Karlos Arguiñano In Cocina Abierta we present a typical dish of Cuban gastronomy: Chícharos (or dried peas) with codillo, a stew that is made with peas and pork...See more

Baked mackerel with pumpkin cream, a healthy proposal from Karlos Arguiñano!

Karlos Arguiñano Karlos Arguiñano proposes a recipe for mackerel in Cocina Abierta: Baked mackerel with pumpkin cream, a very tasty oily fish...See more

How to peel pumpkin without effort

Clàudia Riera How many times have you fought with the pumpkin when trying to peel it? Surely, before taking action, you have studied in which position the pumpkin should be...See more

Buckwheat, pumpkin and pomegranate salad by Karlos Arguiñano: a simple, quick and seasonal recipe.

Karlos Arguiñano The chef Karlos Arguiñano presents in Cocina Abierta a healthy and complete recipe: Buckwheat, pumpkin and pomegranate salad, a salad of buckwheat, pumpkin and pomegranate...See more

Pumpkin stew with veal by Karlos Arguiñano

Karlos Arguiñano We prepare a traditional recipe that never goes out of style: Pumpkin stew with veal, a tasty and complete dish, healthy and easy to prepare...See more

Steamed monkfish with pumpkin cream by Karlos Arguiñano: a healthy, light and exquisite dish.

Karlos Arguiñano Karlos Arguiñano prepares in Cocina Abierta a very healthy and, at the same time, delicious recipe: Steamed monkfish with pumpkin cream, a dish easy to prepare and...See more

Crema de calaba with Thermomix (very easy recipe)

Lídia Montaner Serer Cream of pumpkin soup is one of the most popular dishes during the autumn and winter months, and not for nothing, since it is a very simple recipe,...Read more
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