How to paint Formica furniture (in 4 steps!)

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Aria Cooper

A couple of decades ago much of the furniture in Spain's homes was made of Formica, a high-precision laminate.

Today, it continues to be a material widely used for kitchen furniture : Cupboards, wall units, sideboards...

Although they are not wooden furniture, they can also be painted and recycled, in the same way that we renovate a piece of melamine furniture.

In fact, it is one of the best options to update the decoration of our home taking advantage of the furniture we already have.

And it's a very simple process! Take note.

Materials and tools

- Soap and water

- Primer

- Acrylic paint

- Rag

- Scouring pad

- Brush or brush

- Small roller

How to paint a formica furniture step by step

Step 1: Clean the furniture

The first thing we have to do is deep clean the furniture to be able to work on its surface.

To do this, clean it with a damp cloth (or a scouring pad if you need it) with a little soap and rinse well.

Step 2: Start sanding

Even if it is not wood furniture, it is also advisable to sand Formica furniture before painting.

In this case we will not be removing the varnish from the wood, so we will not be removing the varnish from the wood. we will sand more lightly and less insistence, just enough to remove the gloss but without damaging the surface.

Step 3: Apply primer

There are paints that do not require primer (such as Chalk Paint or chalk paint) and also others that already include sealer among their components (bicomponent paints).

Although, in general, we always recommend applying primer when painting any type of furniture, since this way we guarantee good adhesion of the paint and also to achieve the desired color.

The primer or sealer is applied, like the paint, with a small roller, although we can also find spray primers.

Step 4: Start painting

When the primer has dried it is time to start painting.

To paint a Formica furniture we will use acrylic paint.

First cuts corners and nooks and crannies with a brush or trowel, since you will not be able to reach those areas with the roller.

Once the smaller and more complicated areas have been painted, start painting with a small roller, always in the direction of the "grain" (even if it is not a piece of wood furniture as such).

Spread the paint well, homogeneously, without leaving patches.

To achieve a good result you must properly measure the amount of paint you take with the roller, neither too much nor too little.

In the same way that there is spray primer, there is also acrylic paint in aerosol format, and it can also be used to paint Formica furniture.

In this article we explain in detail how to use it:

How to spray paint a piece of furniture?

Renovating furniture with spray paint is one of the easiest ways to achieve a good result, we explain how to paint with spray paint!

Apply as many coats as you consider necessary to achieve the desired color and cover the entire surface of the furniture, and that's it!

As you can see, it is a entertaining and very simple process perfect to recycle your old furniture and give it a renewed touch!

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