The book was published in conjunction with the exhibition Photobooks. Art Page by Page, co-curated by Calin Kruse / dienacht Publishing for the GRASSI Museum of Applied Arts in Leipzig, Germany.

The definition of the photobook is as broad as that of photography, and ranges from handmade unique objects to smaller and larger print runs, from self-publishing and zines to rare, elaborately designed and bound editions.

The book shows a selection of international photobooks from the last decades, with a focus on the photobook as an art object and a storytelling medium. The interaction between photography, material, binding, form, and format offers many possibilities for experimentation and demonstrates the potential of the photobook as an artistic medium unto itself.

Publisher’s Info

Photobooks. Art Page by Page - dienacht Publishing - Bildersturm Blog

Book Specs: Photobooks. Art Page by Page published by dienacht Publishing 2021 | With essays by Jörg Colberg, Silvia Gaetti and Calin Kruse | Size: 10 x 24 cm | 148 pages | Open binding with wooden covers, laser engraving | Every cover is slightly different | English and German | 28 €. Available here.

Exhibition: PHOTOBOOKS. Art Page by Page at the GRASSI Museum of Applied Arts in Leipzig, Germany (25.11.2021–03.04.2022)

As part of the special exhibition PHOTOBOOKS. Art Page by Page the Leipzig Photobook Festival will take place from 18 to 20 March 2022 at the museum. In the lower and upper foyers, national and international exhibitors will present current publications and projects.


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